Xavier Tripier-Larivaud

Headland Helipads Founder and CEO ; 22 years of experience as a Business owner, including 15 years spent in the civilian and military Aeronautical sector. CEO of Headland Consulting, for companies and subsidiaries installation in France and abroad.

Guillaume Catala

Headland Helipads associate and Partner. CEO of Steinberg Protocol, a venture studio & family office specialized in early stage and incubation of impact projects. A French-Australian serial entrepreneur, he has spent 28 years abroad, developing ventures in a dozen countries. With a creative, analytical mind, strong drive and entrepreneurial talent, he is passionate about sustainability and social impact.

Eric Magré

Diamond Co-Founder : Aeronautical Engineer, Business Owner, 30 years of experience in the civilian Aeronautical sector, including 15 years as Study Office Responsible at Airbus Helicopters. Expert in Prototyping and complex and innovative projects development.

Christian Olivaux

Diamond Co-Founder : Helicopter Flight test Engineer, Business Owner ; 25 years of experience in the civilian and military Aeronautical sector. Expert in complex management and innovative products development.


Héliportage is an helicopter company specialized in load carrying in complex environments : mountains (dams, high voltage lines, goods delivery…), maritime (coastal developments, technicians transport, wind turbines…), and industries (metallic structures, bridges, depollution…) ; 11 bases in the West of France.

HBE is an helicopter company specialized in Fire Fighting : water bomber helicopters, surveillance, aerial markings, goods and staff transport, water reserves, operational control center assistance, and trainings. 8 bases in the South West of France.

Helisud is an helicopter company specialized in flying training school, aerial work, professional photography and videos, and persons transport. Located in the South West of France

Michelin Vertigom is a dedicated product realised by the Innovation Lab of Michelin for Headland Helipads. Those specific non-slip, anti-vibrations and fire retardant rubber tiles helps safe landings and takes off for helicopters and eVTOL.

Diamond is a technical study office specialised in innovative projects and products developments. Composed of civilian and military Aeronautical specialists, it helps business owners and companies to realise complex engineering, prototyping and products pre-series. With more than 30 years of experience in the Industry sector, Diamond helps you to concretize your innovative projects.

Headland Helipads partner and investor. Steinberg Protocol is a venture studio and family office specialized in early stage and incubation of environmental and/or social impact projects. It empowers visionary entrepreneurs and projects, consolidating and sustaining their development over the long term, ensuring the soundness of their strategy to accelerate their growth. With more than 50 projects supported in more than 20 industrial sectors in 14 countries, it aims to demonstrate that a desirable future is possible.

ATS is an industrial manufacturer specialized in laser cutting, welding, precision machining, and powder coating ; ATS work in the aeronautical, defense, railway, automotive, and toolmaking industries. 4 factories in France, 130 employees, 25M€ turnover.