Patented Products

Container Helipad

20 Feet

Developed in the form of a regular ISO Container, our Helipads can be transported by boats, trains, trucks,
planes or helicopters.

Closed, the Container shape offer
a large capacity of logistics an transportation.

Opened, the Helipad structure offer the ability
to land for Helicopters and eVTOL up to 2 Tons

Mobile and all-terrain, our products helps you to build
networks with low infrastructure and functioning costs

8 Articulated Feet

Maximum height : up to 1,5m

Adjustable Feet by hand or electrically
With a non-reversible endless screw

With adjustable pads
Maximal up or down rotation 45 degrees

2 Doors

With Staircases and access Ramps

Closed : regular container – one double leaf door, and one single door – dimensions : H 2,3m x W 2,2m

Opened : helipad access – one double staircase, and one single staircase – dimensions : H 2,6m x W 2,4m

Rubber tiles

For safe landings and takes off

Developed by

Non-slip, anti-vibrations and fire retardant

Tiles dimensions 33cm x 33cm – Reception mat dimension : L 6m W 4,2m

Surface 25m²

8 solar panels

With two gel batteries

For a complete off-grids autonomy

Operational autonomy : several days

Recharge time with sun : 2 hours

Recharge time plugged : 4 hours

Led lighting system

For night and day landings

10 White lights
(FATO – Final Approach and Take Off area)

8 Green/Red lights
(TLOF – Touch Down and Lift Off area)